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Crez 2013年3月15日下午11:18
Missing key
So my friend gifted me sanctum but I can't find it. I looked in my email found the link but when I clicked it, it said that it has already been redeemed.

What do, pelase help :o
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crunchyfrog 2013年4月4日下午10:12 
You really need to firstly get back to your friend to see if he hasn't made a mistake. Go through what he did in the process and perhaps you can both sort it out.

Other than that, there's not much you can do as it's down to your friend if there is a genuine error. He must take it up with the place he bought the key.
Crez 2013年4月5日下午3:38 
He doesn't have it so we don't know what is going on :/
crunchyfrog 2013年4月5日下午9:20 
That's not what I asked - you need to find out what he did, and establish if he made a mistake somewhere. In any case, only HE can sort it out.

His purchase/acquisition - his obligation.

Ettrig  [开发者] 2013年4月6日下午2:56 
Hi. You'll have to talk with Steam support about it. We don't handle the keys.

Crez 2013年4月8日下午10:16 
@crunchyfrog sorry for misunderstanding thank you for your help

@Anton ok thank you
crunchyfrog 2013年4月8日下午10:56 
That's OK, redmage. Hope you get it sorted soon.
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