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theme1337 2013年2月22日 16時42分
does anyone know how to make a custom map?
i wanna make an awesome map but i dont know how :P anyone know how?
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Zeta 2013年3月27日 9時07分 
download doom builder 2 and ill help you as you go along
Garruk the Wildspooker 2013年6月26日 23時46分 
Yeah or XWE or that one thing i cant remember
[EGP] PrakeriY 2014年3月9日 11時54分 
I use DOOMBuilder 2. But I'm not too good at it. I can give a few tips though.
Xegethra 2014年3月17日 15時54分 
Doom Builder 2 is a good program if you wanna do maps. You can do them as simply or complex as you like.

There's wiki's and stuff to help you use it. Yeah old topic I know...but still.
Kyle07 2014年8月2日 6時36分 
There is also GZ Doom Builder 2, which makes sense with source ports, because of removing engine limits.

But the only program I used was the regular Doom Builder 2, I saw about GZ Doom Builder only a tutorial video
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