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Taggart 2012年12月30日 16時34分
How to start it?
i can't play master levels, when i start game it only opens regular doom 2. why? do i need to complete doom 2 first?
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Heks 2012年12月30日 18時42分 
No, when you start master levels it should bring up a box that lists all of the level names. Choose the level you want to play.
Taggart 2012年12月31日 2時58分 
maybe it's problem because i'm starting it via gzdoom port. does anyone know how to play master levels on gzdoom? probably there is some command to "mount"/load certain level
Heks 2012年12月31日 5時14分 
Squishpoke 2013年1月13日 11時00分 
AFAIK Master Levels for Doom 2 are separate WADs for each level. If you are using a Source Port, you have to load each WAD individually. (Example: TEETHS.WAD)
Taggart 2013年1月13日 11時18分 
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Master Levels for DOOM II > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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