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kascinoh 2012年12月15日 6時10分
was the game sopposed to use the unclassic controles? when i play the game it uses wasd and mouse.
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Pandoras 2012年12月15日 9時09分 
Same thing here, almost unplayable... Any way to change the default controls?
kascinoh 2012年12月15日 9時41分 
i sure hope so.
soh_cah_toa 2013年1月3日 21時56分 
This caught me off guard as well but I found a simple solution. All you need to do is copy the DEFAULT.CFG file from your Doom 2 installation over to your Master Levels installation.

More specifically, you could just execute the command:

copy "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 2\base\DEFAULT.CFG" "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Master Levels of Doom\doom2"

Always make sure to back up your original config file beforehand though.
最近の変更はsoh_cah_toaが行いました; 2013年1月3日 21時57分
Pandoras 2013年1月4日 2時43分 
Thanks, I will try that!
kascinoh 2013年1月4日 12時29分 
thanks for helping with that. it worked and now the master levels of doom 2 is playable.
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