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Heks 2013年5月5日 19時20分
Odamex - For Playing Doom Online with Modern Controls
The version of Odamex released here has built in Master Levels support.

Simply launch Odamex and type "wad x.wad" in the console, where x is the name of the master levels wad you want to play. you can find a list of the wad names here:

After loading the wad, you will need to go to the map that wad replaces. Most are map01 ("map map01" in the console) but some are oddballs like map05 or map31. Again this information can be found on the DOOM Wiki linked above.

Let me know if you have any issues and I will gladly assist.
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rogeilor 2013年5月5日 19時25分 
i i was searching for a source port that have support for master levels, thanks a lot for sharing
Heks 2013年5月5日 20時26分 
I have set up a Master Levels coop server with this Odamex. To connect start odamex and do "connect" in the console. It uses oldschool DOOM settings
Base 2014年10月30日 3時54分 
In that way all of ports support master levels. But only eternity port support it with ingame menu. And in was a patch to zdoom/gzdoom to play it via menu.
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Heks 2014年11月5日 9時01分 
All source ports support loading the master levels like any other pwad. Odamex will detect the wads in steam without you having to input a file path to the wads. You're right that a couple of source ports support master levels beyond this, but few even do what Odamex does.

Plus the co-op config for master levels that comes with Odamex automatically sets up a map rotation based on the PS3 port of Doom
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