Among the Marked.j2 2013年5月1日下午3:28
Master Levels Multiplayer
How do you set it up so you can play multiplayer with someone?
*this had me laughing at myself because for some reason I expected it to be more user friendly for that kind of thing, it so old but gold XD
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Heks 2013年5月1日下午5:39 
Very complicated. You should get a multiplayer engine like Odamex
Heks 2013年5月5日下午8:27 
I have set up a Master Levels coop server with Odamex. To connect start odamex and do "connect" in the console. It uses oldschool DOOM settings

Get Odamex here:,2237.msg4964.html#new
Among the Marked.j2 2013年5月5日下午8:30 
I'm good for now, thanks for offering
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