Anomaly Warzone Earth
4-pack, linux version?
Any plans to make a linux port, now that Steam is going there?
Plus, no 4-packs?
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i thought 4-packs are only for multiplayer games
Not really, since you could already find games and players anyway.
It makes sense for indies, to shift copies and encourage gifting of extras to people oblivious to their existence.
There already is a Linux port and just released on Desura. I would like to think that they release it on Steam, too. Would make sense.
There is no need for a port there is a native version for linux it just hasn't been added to Steam...needs to be a feaure to let developers or Steam know about that...
Would definately love to get the linux version on Steam
Same here. Also would like the Linux version on the Linux version of Steam
Anomaly was added to linux. linux depots available.

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To me it seems it's still not available for Linux, it says "... is not available on your platform".
Its now released for steam/linux.

However, still no 4-packs.
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It doesn't actually work, but hopefully this is the first step
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