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The Lawn Mower Man \.=. 2013年12月6日 12時20分
Co op Mod?
I read about a co op mod and am looking to game it with my buddy, anyone know if it's compaitable with steam and where I can get it
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TOG | ned 2013年12月14日 14時53分 
Last Man Standing Coop mod is the one probably mean.

Are you using Windows? Download LMS Coop v4[]. Run lastmanstandingcoop4windows.exe and it will extract the mod files to your location of choice. Extract to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3. Or extract to where ever then copy or move the lms4 folder to you Doom 3 Steam install folder.

TOG | ned 2013年12月14日 14時57分 
more info..

Yes it works with Steam.

Start the game then select Last Man Standing Coop Mod 4.0 via the Mods tab. Select Mulitplayer then select ROE COOP for the gametype.
The Lawn Mower Man \.=. 2013年12月17日 9時14分 
Thanks for the help appreciate going to look into downloading it right now
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