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POOPEYE 2014年1月7日 20時03分
Game doesn't alt-tab out correctly
This game does not alt-tab out correctly and won't minimize.
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swenor 2014年5月10日 17時26分 
Then don't do it. Some games just don't support atttabbing.
CantStandYa 2014年5月12日 5時27分 
Some games aren't alt tab friendly. Have you tried a Doom 3 minimizer utility?
CantStandYa 2014年5月14日 8時50分 
The Doom 3 minimizer but that doesn't seem to be able to work for ROE.

But another way you can do it is to ALT+CTRL+DEL and click Start Task Manager, and then right click the Doom program and minimize it that way.
最近の変更はCantStandYaが行いました; 2014年5月14日 9時49分
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