Battle for Graxia

Battle for Graxia

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Koger Jan 25, 2013 @ 5:59am
Game Update, January 24, 2013

- A new immortal joins the tournament! Meet Undine, Fury of the Deep
- Increased min account level for equalizer mode to be enabled from 10 to 15
- New "Furtherance Potions" give 200% boost and stack with Advancement Potions
- Custom matches will now start on the server location specified by the person setting up the match (and additional UI to show server location)


- Immortals are now sorted alphabetically across rows instead of columns in tactical picking
- Added more prominent backdrop to match confirmation dialog
- New name, Crystal Breach, for floating 5v5 map
- Added Crystal Breach map as option for custom matches
- Fix for auras randomly not working after a while
- Changed Big Bullets, Shadow Spear, and Rending Throw visuals track closer to intended range (no gameplay impact)
- Added dodge floaty text back in for Tzai's Focused Chakra ability (since dodge is no longer a general stat)
- Fixed a bug where you would be pulled into Trovocs ultimate over and over
- Decreased creep voice and projectile audio by 50%
- Fix for brush on Crystal Breach map. You were unable to see someone even if they were in the same brush.
- Fixed Talia's signature tooltip
- Fix for shadelings occasionally not teleporting to their target
- Added dialog message when inviting player who is already in a guild to your guild
- Fix for Big Bullets effect showing above target's head
- Fixed bug with Kyrie being invisible in her sig



- Engineer: No longer scales with tactical level.
- Avenger: Silence Duration increased from 0.5s to 1.5s
- Blessed: Cooldown reduced from 150s to 75s
- Prosperous Relic: Gold reward increased from 3 to 10.
- Deathwalker's Relic:
- increased damage from 4 (+0.4 p/l) to 8 (+0.8 p/l)
- increased damage reduction from 1 (+0.1 p/l) to 2 (+0.1 p/l)
- also applies to immortal weapon attacks


Cost Reduction: Reduced from 4% to 3%


Composite bow upgrade should only work from Champion weapon abilities, not spawn object weapon abilities (like Broodlings)


Kyrie's Laceration Post: Added a 0.75 bonus weapon damage ratio.


- Kavashiir Tiger, Jaguar and Panther skins, base attack
- Psychozen Red and Blue Robot skin
- Ukkonen Aggressor and Savant skin
- Kreed's Fiery Dance Ability
- Ichorr's Thorn barrior

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