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Asiantuntija 2013年1月12日 1時19分
Lol nobody is playing this game
I can´t even level up because i can´t find any games in soloq. At least they could make a "sound in the background" option so i don´t have to sit in client while I wait.
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Mcceag 2013年1月13日 20時32分 
id love to give this a try but it doesnt seem to work. if it does i would be honored to fight along side/against you.
Koger 2013年1月15日 0時31分 
What's happening when you try to play it?
Asiantuntija 2013年1月15日 8時36分 
Meh it´s ok. I can find games in like 3-5 mins, but i´d still like "sound in background" option because the windows error message thingy just doesn´t cut it.
Koger 2013年1月17日 0時45分 
There should be a background sound, so you can alt tab while waiting.
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