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Berek Dec 10, 2012 @ 6:23pm
Forum Rules & Guidelines
Hi Immortals! Here is a copy of the forum rules & guidelines for the official forums. These also apply here in the Steam Battle for Graxia forums. We want to encourage constructive feedback and discussion, so we hope these will help you to understand at what point the discussions may go beyond that.

We are an open community where developers, modders, and fans can converse and enjoy each others company. Those who seek to disrupt this community will be removed. Use common sense, good judgment and by adhering to these rules and guidelines you can contribute to our community.

  • Do not directly or indirectly insult ("flame"), try to get others to insult others ("flame-bait"), or respond to either flames or flame-baits. Do not use excessive profanity in your posts and do not undermine the auto-censor.

  • Do not post prohibited material. This holds for all places on the forum such as posts, signatures and profile information. Prohibited material includes, but is not limited to:
    • Pornography and disturbing material in any form (e.g, certain videos, images, writings).
    • Spam such as advertisements for pharmaceutical wonders, software deals or cheap watches.
    • Illegal material (such as illegal MP3s, warez, reverse engineered game files and assets, and so on), links to such materials or discussions of such materials.
    • Inappropriate language (such as swearing of any kind in any language, sexual content and anything marked as inappropriate in the Naming Policy["http] thread)
  • Do not make excessive disparaging remarks about (ex-) publishers, studios, or titles. Any direct threats, especially against a person's life, will result in an ban from the game and forums.

  • Do not register multiple accounts. Do not re-register after receiving a ban. We reserve the right to pursue legal action if you are creating new accounts after receiving a ban.

  • Do not post about the rank, amount of posts, or warnings you or a fellow member has.

  • Do not excessively PM or post attention-grabbing topics. This includes repeated petitions or demands for features or actions. Civil discussions are allowed.

  • Do not start nonsensical or disparaging threads, or make excessive posts that do not contribute to a thread ("spamming"). This includes excessive or publicly inappropriate support requests (griefing, disputes, etc.).

  • Do not use anybody's nickname, real name, avatar, and/or signature content from anyone in the community as your own. Do not impersonate another.

  • Do not use signature banners and avatars larger than 600x150 and 100x120 pixels, respectively.
These rules are subject to change at any time and are enforced at the discretion of Petroglyph. We reserve the right to edit any posts or accounts that break these rules or contain information that we deem inappropriate. For ANY concerns that you might have, or to report someone who is violating these rules, please contact one of our moderators, or use the report button on the post in question. Challenging these rules on the board is not allowed.

Griefing, Feeding, and other in-game abuses

We love the current community and want to see it build into a really fun group of players that enjoy competing with each other, but this can't involve abusive players spoiling the fun every other game. Fortunately, these issues are in the minority and have been dealt with as they are reported by you.

We are aware of instances of griefing, intentional feeding, and other various abuses both in the social hub and in-game. These will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. Anyone found intentionally griefing, feeding, or other serious abuses will have their accounts suspended with review for possible further action.

We appreciate all submitted support tickets on these players with actions already being taken against those identified. We deal with each case on an individual basis to ensure proper and swift action is taken.

If you experience any forms of abuse, please submit a support ticket to: with a summary of the issue, and a screencap of the incident if possible.

Any ideas you have on mitigating further abuses that ruin good gameplay experiences, please let us know here. We will certain consider them and have already developed new features that will make it in the next couple of patches.

  • If you speak another language (Russian, Polish, Danish, German, etc.), please post in ENGLISH first, otherwise ask to translate or USE:
  • Start new topics and threads in the appropriate forums. If you aren’t sure where it goes, The Lounge is probably a good place to start. Also keep topics short and sweet.
  • Before starting a new topic, search for a recent thread pertaining to the same topic and reply there instead if it exists.
  • Be specific in naming your topic. This will aid in searches and help prevent duplicate threads. If you need your topic renamed or closed please PM us.
  • Be considerate to everyone in the forum, it will be appreciated.
Warning System
We may place a warning on your account to track your violations. We reserve the right to ban members at any time. Your warnings are not to be discussed publicly. PM us if you feel you have wrongfully warned.

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right to reveal any information we know about you in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.