Mister Tibbles Dec 3, 2013 @ 8:50pm
Stop comparing it to League
It's a game of the Moba genre which is somewhat new still even if it has been its own genre for many years now. They aren't trying to be LoL. They're just referencing some things from LoL because LoL was a big success. If something works and is making money then do it. The owner of Burger King saw The owner of McDonalds putting ketchup on their burgers so they did it too (just an image of what I'm saying, not sure if that's how it really went down) and it helped with burger sales. I played the game but didn't like it because well it was still in beta and could use some fixes I just didn't feel like dedicating my time to helping the company better the game. Don't bash it for trying to be LoL because it's not exactly like LoL. They introduced some of their own ideas into this Moba that Riot didn't put in LoL.