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Amazing Karios 2012年11月9日上午5:01
The Worth of The BFG Edition of DOOM 3
Full Retail Price (Full Ripoff Price [Because for PC Users Who Have Played The Original Game]): $29.99 (Actually The Price Is $32.43 If You Account for Tax)

Breaking Down Its Worth
$05.00 - (The Ultimate DOOM V2.1) + $04.50 (DOOM II: Hell on Earth V2.1) + $0.50 (DOOM II: No Rest for The Living [This Is The Only Addition To DOOM II That Makes The BFG Edition of DOOM 3 Worth Anything]) = $11.00

$10.43 (DOOM 3) + $06.00 (DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil) + $06.00 (DOOM 3: The Lost Mission [This Is One of The Additions To DOOM 3 That Makes The BFG Edition of DOOM 3 Worth Anything]) = $22.43

$22.43 + $11.00 + $00.50 (The So Called New Features and Gameplay Improvements Plus The Limited Functionality and The No Plug In Support Included In The BFG Edition of DOOM 3 [3D Vision Is The Other Addition That Makes The BFG Edition of DOOM 3 Worth Anything) = $32.43

Shame on Bethesda for Being Gready.
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Frockwot 2012年11月9日下午2:47 
For console players, the BFG is the ONLY way to go. For PC users, you can do limitless things with the original Doom 3. BFG won't be worthy until mods are available.
2point4 2012年11月12日下午12:28 
Yeah, it's marketed as a "loyalty discount", but it's far from it. I posted this earlier in my Friends feed:

What a weird upgrade path. I own DOOM 3 on Steam. It'll cost me $19.99 (with a loyalty discount!) to upgrade to BFG. I think I lose my original DOOM 3 by doing so. Then it'll cost me $9.99 to get it back. Or wait. $12.99 because I also have Resurrection of Evil and also want that back. And I have no option to just outright buy BFG without upgrading because I already own DOOM 3.

Can I buy BFG with my other account, that doesn't own any of the DOOM games, and gift it to this account? If I just buy the upgrade to BFG on this account and rebuy DOOM 3 with ROE that'll cost me a total of $32.98 while if I buy BFG from my other account and gift it here it'll cost $29.99. Since that's the full price, I'm assuming I'd just get to keep my DOOM 3 with ROE and I'd end up having all of that, plus BFG. Or would owning BFG mess up my ownership of The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II (plus all the extra levels) because of the new versions of those in BFG?

But $32.98 for being loyal or $29.99 for being new. So was that a loyalty discount or a loyalty tax?
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