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Bud 2012年10月21日 23時12分
I already bought the entire Doom pack long ago, how do I get the BFG edition now
A few major sells ago, I bought all of Doom and Quake during like a 75% off sale or something...I forgot which one it was...

How can I play the new levels or can someone explain this to me as I am lost on how to be able to play them since I already own the game.
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Suicidemoon 2012年10月22日 14時49分 
don't bother it's all console ♥♥♥♥ levels
Bud 2012年10月22日 14時57分 
Suicidemoon の投稿を引用:
don't bother it's all console ♥♥♥♥ levels

Figures, I just wish that game creators would understand that there are two types of players, those on the PC and those on Consoles. They often don't mix and doing so just loses the better ideas that you can do with either platform.

The PC is all about power and complexity while the Consoles are more for killing time and screwing around....

They don't mix. You can't type on a Joypad or use an analog stick like it is a mouse and we as computer people will rarely be sitting in a lounge chair playing off the TV and flat out by-pass the whole installing and settings being edited. By trying to do both, you muddy up the best parts of either and make a mediocure product.

Bud 2012年10月22日 14時57分 
All in all though, since I already own the set, I would like to at least TRY them before being annoyed.
Bud 2012年11月16日 22時40分 
Fine, several days or weeks later and no replys. Forget it, I will not buy this and shame on ID Software for the lack of customer support to even check the forums here on THEIR OWN GAMES.
TheStealthGamer 2012年11月17日 17時51分 
honestly, if you already have played/own the Original doom 3, my opinion is there is no need to buy bfg edition, since there isn't that much of a difference. Don't get me wrong, Doom 3 is a very good game, but I didn't notice a lot
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Bud 2012年11月17日 18時46分 
Fair enough, I won't so thanks. Also adding an addition to an old game and forcing to flat out buy the game again instead of just the expansion like ID Software is doing just SHOWs that it is far better to buy the game when it is older and forgotten instead of when it just comes out and full priced.

Thanks ID Software for completely not understanding this and hurting your sales next game you produce. Next time, I will just wait until your game is in the Bargain Bin instead of when it just comes out.
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