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Dynamite 2012年10月20日 13時23分
DOOM 3:BFG --->29'99€ / DOOM 3 (Original) --->Now only with iD Pack (+90€) WTF???!!!
I remember that before was a pack with all the DOOM titles... Now they all come in the iD Pack without the possibility of buying them alone.

I don't want to pay +90€ only for DOOM 3, and I don't want all the games of iD, I only want to buy the Original DOOM 3 (no DOOM 3:BFG ---> I heard from a very TRUSTWORTHY friend it's consolized as hell).

Also, anyone can confirm that this has happened when BFG Edition came out? Because if it's a commercial tactic to buy the new version or pay +90€, I'm gonna ♥♥♥ my own ahss three times.
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Gagrdul 2012年10月21日 9時20分 
Yes, it just happened when the BFG Edition came out. I wanted to buy the original Doom 3, without BFG, but now it would cost 90€.

It's terrible.

I think they want to force people into buying the new BFG Edition, which is worse than the original game and doesn't even support mods.
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Rock4 2012年10月22日 9時27分 
But the ♥♥♥...bfg edition not work whit windows xp
Suicidemoon 2012年10月22日 14時47分 
This is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! And send bethesda a message this ♥♥♥♥ will not FLY
StJay 2012年10月23日 11時36分 
Yeah agree, they should put it back at 19.99$ for Doom 3 only. We should always have to choicie to buy any version we like
Liam Neeson Punching Wolves 2012年10月23日 14時29分 
Greed. That is all.
Dynamite 2012年10月23日 16時49分 
LOL Really dissapointed... And can't buy it retail anywhere. I hope they fix this, I don't want to make some "non-exactly-legal" actions to play the game.
kiriλos 2012年10月23日 20時41分 
I agree,original doom 3 should be on sale for us who want to buy it.We don't want BFG or any kind of ID pack.
Gagrdul 2012年10月24日 0時36分 
Now there's no ID pack anymore... and Doom 3 is still not purchaseable on its own. But if you read the BFG-Editions description, it says Doom 3 is included. So will there be a seperate Doom 3 (original version) aside the BFG if you buy it?
Dynamite 2012年10月24日 9時23分 
Mmmmmm... Maybe. I hope that's true, would make my day happy.
Tyrannic 2012年10月24日 16時29分 
I hope they put it back
TacoCart 2012年10月30日 17時12分 
Yeah the only reason for buying Doom 3 was for the mods like Sikkmod. Without out you loose something like 70% of potential buyers. Also heard that the BFG version is inferior to the original anyway.
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