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Schlangus 2012年8月18日下午1:41
Anyone else looking forward to Doom 4?
If anyone can see this... Probably not...
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He's dead, jim. 2012年8月19日下午9:45 
Inb4 Doom 3 BFG Edition 2: Even more BFG

Sicne they mentioned doom 4 will be on earth like doom 2, yes I am looking forward to it.
RATICAL 2012年8月20日下午4:30 
As long as it's more Doom-like than Doom 3 was, it'll be great.
MrSazperilla 2012年8月21日下午10:20 
Myself 2012年8月24日上午10:17 
Looking foward, something like Doom 3 with more action and set on Earth like Doom 2.
Prophet 2012年8月25日下午9:53 
After a great shock in doom 3 roe and doom 3 i think yeah sure this will be cool
Daniel2497 2012年8月27日下午9:30 
I just finished Rage and although I thought the game itself was not all that great, the graphics were amazing and I was just picturing how Doom 4 is going to look running on that engine. I have high hopes.
RockCambo 2012年8月28日上午1:49 
Dolphin Buff Man 2012年8月28日下午3:17 
Can't wait, I always check news on it when i can. Would love to buy the Occulus Rift headset and play the Virtual Reality with it. I've loved all the Doom's so far, and I agree with most people in that it should have elements of Doom 3 (some enmies jumping out, flickering lights and awesome ambience), but should have the amount of enemies from the original Dooms.
n4tivo 2012年8月28日下午5:37 
Been playing the game with high res textures (sikk mod) absolutely love it. About to finish it,
RoastedZerg 2012年8月28日下午7:01 
Hopefully they can pull it off. For now, im content with Doom 3 Sikk Mod XD
THE EMPRESS 2012年9月1日下午3:50 
Doom 4 will dominate all CLONE shooters...
Kripter 2012年9月4日上午4:59 
DOOM is the Best Fps game EVER
I would like to see it but I just dont see it happening anytime soon.
Schlangus 2012年9月4日下午2:34 
@«Tru»CaptainBMX it's in development right now, lol.
met306 2012年9月4日下午3:11 
I can't wait :D
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