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discordedderp@ngel 2013년 10월 6일 오후 1시 23분
Playing multiplayer with steam players while running the game on a disk?
I bought this game at a store so its in disk version. I was wondering if it is possible for me to play with people who have bought the game on steam.
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TheScrotumSeeker™ 2013년 10월 6일 오후 1시 34분 
Yeah. I bought it on Steam and play with people who don't have a steam account.
discordedderp@ngel 2013년 10월 6일 오후 1시 35분 
Cool :D
Mr.Betruger 2013년 10월 10일 오후 1시 45분 
Guys, who have RoE write to me or XBomberMan64X (in my friendlist), we have RoE and wish to play with others RoE casual multiplayer and Coop. We don't have a possibility to create a visible server for it, so one of you should can this (real IP address required).
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