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HunterKiller ® 2013年9月17日上午6:14
DOOM 3 & Resurection of Evil
I have Raptr installed for monitoring games I play and to check up on some of my friends that have it as well. I just checked my Raptr site and it's now telling me since, I reinstalled DOOM 3 this morning, that I now have both; DOOM 3 & DOOM 3 : Ressurection of Evil, added to my games list. When I check my games list here on Steam, I don't see the other game. Is it DLC or, a stand-alone game? If it's, stand-alone then, where is it at?

最后由 HunterKiller ® 编辑于; 2013年9月29日上午12:20
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Serpico 2013年9月28日下午6:52 
HunterKiller ® 2013年9月29日上午12:26 
Wow! Finally got an answer. Thanks. I didn't know what it was, to be honest or, where for that matter is was. Thanks again. :)
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