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TMAC Blade 2013年6月27日 8時16分
no support for windows 7?
so if i were to download this game it would tell me it wont run just because it is not supported by a more advanced os? also will this run on a geforce 620gt (mine has 2 gig v ram which i really dont think matters much). the system requirments seems very low but for bfg edition if asks for something more demanding.
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2point4 2013年6月27日 10時06分 
Not sure about BFG edition but I played regular DOOM 3 on Windows 7 a couple of years back and I had little trouble getting it going. As far as the 620GT, it should run the game fine but I doubt you'll be able to turn up many of the video quality options.
Rowsdower 2013年6月29日 13時03分 
you will have a problem running it in the resolution you want so here is a solution Other than that it plays fine.
[IPD]Argh... 2013年7月1日 5時11分 
No prob at all running it on Windows 7 64 bit steam version.
mdyrb 2013年7月10日 0時33分 
Download 'Can You Run It ?' from the '' website. It has a long list of games you can select and it checks if your computer's spec meets the minimum system requirements to run any one of those games.
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