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Duke 2013年6月17日 18時10分
I currently am trying to download the Last Man Standing mod and it doesn't show up in the main menu. How do I upload a mod correctly so that it can run on Doom 3?
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Big Digger Nick 2013年6月20日 0時44分 
From what I know, and I have Last Man and a few other mods, is that you just extract the folder with the mod, into the Doom3 folder. Should be something like Steam/steamapps/common/Doom3 <<<< And thats where you put it. Readme should also specifiy
Duke 2013年6月20日 10時14分 
Just in the folder. No specific folder in the Doom 3 folder you put it in, ok?
最近の変更はDukeが行いました; 2013年6月20日 13時34分
Duke 2013年6月20日 13時38分 
I did what you said but everytime I load it. Doom 3 stops working.
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