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dabes 2013年6月7日上午11:14
How to host coop?
I have the last man standing mod, but when I try to host my server never shows up. Any suggestions?
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lemahieu_brett 2013年6月7日下午12:50 
do a test lan coop doom 3 cant find doom 3 coop on steam
dabes 2013年6月7日下午2:01 
I dont understand
Fonz 2017年7月26日下午2:04 
does anyone even play the mod? no servers show up
EASYJABBA 2017年8月24日上午10:46 
Client has to input the servers IP in remote section, its easy, we were playing LMS nearly a decade ago, awesome mod!
NeverWinterNight 2017年8月26日上午9:27 
enter doom 3 multiplayer find severs join a server wich game type you like if you cant enter server get a dedicated server for doom 3 and set it up right then you can join a server and play
NeverWinterNight 2017年8月26日上午9:28 
and get lms last man standing mod its also used for multiplayer doom 3
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