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King Fappy 2013年3月11日 3時29分
Doom 2 Levels in Doom 3
is there a mod so that i can play doom 2 levels in doom 3 i own doom 2 but the graphics are pretty terror
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Sardanapalos 2013年3月25日 13時00分 
I dont know if i am allowed to post links here but check this . I havent tried it so i cant tell you how it looks like .
King Fappy 2013年3月25日 13時57分 
from the description it only says the 11th level of the expansion not exactly what i'm looking for thanks for trying to help me out
Sardanapalos 2013年3月25日 14時06分 
I think its the whole game if you go to the download page . That you are looking on is an update .
King Fappy 2013年3月25日 14時52分 
from reading the description there not the actual maps from doom 2 but custom challenge maps
xplodingpie 2013年4月1日 2時50分 
DOOM 3 CLASSIC. It takes the DooM 3 textures and sprites but takes out reloading and gives you the levels from (wrong game but it might do) Ultimate DooM (DooM 1) : Knee Deep In the Dead.
SpookCatapult 2013年5月27日 19時11分 
xplodinpie, you're right, it does recreate the first episode, though I think it was finished to include all the maps?
dafama2k7 2013年5月28日 1時57分 
Want Doom II for Doom 3 and welll made, then check no further than the full mod by Disposable Heroes and now Unofficially updated by me,;121638
1-7 / 7 のコメントを表示
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