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Jacques Krige 2013年2月27日 2時56分
UQE Doom 3
Probably the scariest game of its time unfortunately became less terrifying as the technology grew older. Not so much the art, but the loss of immersion on modern widescreen monitors caused by the lack of high definition resolution options.

Support for high definition resolutions have been added along with a few very minor tweaks and adjustments to bring the game back and scary as ever for those wanting to enjoy the original survival horror, like myself.

This update addresses four main issues (v1.3.2):
- adding HD widescreen resolutions upto 1920x1080.
- getting it functional under Windows 7 - 64bit.
- being able to turn the crosshair on / off.
- saving "com_fixedTic" to the configuration file.

UQE Doom 3 project was started from scratch on the original Doom 3 source code.

More Information & downloads for UQE Doom 3 is available on the following url:

If the game fails to start it may be that the machine is missing the redistributable package.
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012[]

At this time the binaries are not compatible with any Windows release older than Windows Vista.
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Skibot 2013年2月28日 15時39分 
Does this support Resurrection of Evil? I didn't notice anything mentioned about it on your website, but I'll just give it a go and see if it does. I'll post back if it does.

EDIT: Opened the rar, saw the RoE Bat. Thanks for supporting that as well!
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Jacques Krige 2013年3月1日 15時46分 
Yes, it will work with RoE. I've tested the vanilla patched (1.3.1) retail versions of Doom 3 and the expansion. It will be great to get confirmation if UQE Doom 3 works with the steam releases aswell. (non-BFG)
最近の変更はJacques Krigeが行いました; 2013年3月1日 15時47分
Rubuck blocky hooves 2013年3月6日 22時10分 
Works better than 6thVenom's version. Yes the Steam version, not that scam called BFG which is basically some of the mods in paid form. I read that they took non BFG off the Store page.
Jacques Krige 2013年3月7日 13時45分 
I actually bought the non BFG version recently. It was taken off, but put back later on because it caused an negative uproar.

One thing I'd like to back-port from BFG's codebase at some point in time is its support for 120hz gameplay, which eliminates that irritating little vsync micro-stutter. With that ported my guess it'll be doubtful anyone would be willingly play the BFG version. I for one like the classic version much better. :)
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Jacques Krige 2013年4月20日 6時12分 
At this time the binaries are not compatible with any Windows release older than Windows Vista.
Rubuck blocky hooves 2013年4月20日 9時27分 
"Vsync" and "microstutter" are two different things. When you get screen tearing, thats why Vsync is needed. When there is microstutter, that quick 1 or more seconds delay when looking and or moving around in first person games, thats when a driver and or game developer needs to update the software.
Jacques Krige 2013年4月20日 11時12分 
Yes, microsuttering occurs with vsync turned on, because the gpu is capable of managing everything the engine throws at it. When the game doesn't hit the vsync refresh rate (like on older hardware) the cpu doesn't have to be stalled. On today's hardware the cpu needs to be stalled every now and again for a few microseconds, because the game logic in this case runs at 60Hz.

On lower framerates the game logic do "frameskipping" to keep everything at the same relative speed. When game logic hits its ceiling its capable of consistently running 60Hz, where-as with vsync running at max theres always a slight fluctuation of 1-3 frames, usually from 59-60 and sometimes up to 61. Its these tiny fluctuations in rendering framerate that causes the game logic to have to be stalled.

If the game logic is allowed to run at the exact same rate as the framerate using vsync you will start to see slight game logic syncing slippage, like for example audio/visual syncronization issues.

The only real solution to fix this is to change the game logic "framerate" from 60 to 120 to get rid of the stuttering, because the vsync'ed rendering framerate won't be able to keep up with the game logic, 60Hz rendering versus 120Hz logic.

Its not an easy task though to change the engine from a 60Hz base to a 120Hz one without potentially breaking stuff.
最近の変更はJacques Krigeが行いました; 2013年4月20日 11時14分
Rubuck blocky hooves 2013年4月20日 12時23分 
Yes, microsuttering occurs with vsync turned on

Fallout 3, No Vsync enabled. Still stutters every few seconds of looking and moving. And this is only happening ever since the last few Nvidia drivers. And I suspect other games have stuttering without vsync.

I think Dead Island is another example. With or without Vsync there is stuttering.
Stevey 2013年6月6日 14時46分 
What's the point of this, you can make it widescreen by editing the config file and it works perfectly with Win7 64bit anyway
andrewdbuilder 2013年8月21日 11時37分 
A small concern. I cannot see the ammo reader on the chain gun. Any ideas?
Jacques Krige 2013年8月22日 10時17分 
What was the resolution you used?
Jacques Krige 2013年9月4日 9時25分 
Fixed ;)
Jacques Krige 2013年10月1日 12時52分 
This video shows UQE Doom 3 in action at 16:9 widescreen!
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indyxt 2014年1月18日 23時29分 
How to use this thing?
Should I rename "UQE" executable to Doom 3.exe?
Or after extracting this update Steam is not required to run the game?
Could you at least explain a bit?
Yes, I read so called "help" file, not much help in it.
After messing around I think my CD-key is blocked now... Argh..
Lymanity 2014年2月3日 20時16分 
Does this mod support ATI graphics card systems? I've had a lot of bum luck with the catalyst control center working with mods like Sikkmod and Doom 3 Perfected. Even disabling the Catalyst AI doesn't seem to fix the problems I'm having and I'd REALLY like to enjoy this game in an updated fashion.
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