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*EGN*NZATRILOGY 2013년 1월 10일 오후 3시 00분
Where do I put mod files for steam Doom 3 and ROE?
I recently got doom 3 best game ever!
Just wondering where do I put mod files for LMS coop cause a friend of mine and myself wanna do ROE coop.
I used to playing using my cd/dvd version of doom 3 but with the steam version now my doom 3 and ROE home can anyone please help me and tell me where these files go?
Thanks in advance!
*EGN*NZATRILOGY님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 1월 10일 오후 3시 39분
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Major Havoc 2013년 1월 10일 오후 5시 36분 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3\base
*EGN*NZATRILOGY 2013년 1월 10일 오후 6시 24분 
Thanks, but now my friend can't join any ideas? He says he can't even see my server?
Major Havoc 2013년 1월 10일 오후 11시 47분 
I wouldn't know about that, you might try checking your firewall permissions.
*EGN*NZATRILOGY 2013년 1월 11일 오전 5시 13분 
Ya but still nothing very weird!
Major Havoc 2013년 1월 11일 오전 10시 50분 
My guess is that not all mods work for the Steam version of Doom 3. I just tried a simple mod called Doom3Cfg to adjust my graphics, but it doesn't work either.
*EGN*NZATRILOGY 2013년 1월 11일 오전 11시 10분 
I might just agree with you cause it really didn't work that well with the cd/dvd version either hmm maybe the BFG will make a difference?
Anyways wish when they made doom 3 coop was implemented but wondering why they never did that in the first place?
Come on ID add coop to a great game!
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