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SempTy 30/dez/2012 às 11:10
if you whant to trade this with metro 2033 add me and pm me
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Guardian 30/dez/2012 às 11:13 
dude, its like 3 bucks right now and you want to trade it for a game thats 10?
SempTy 30/dez/2012 às 11:15 
i have a copie of it so
Rancid Guacamole 30/dez/2012 às 11:16 
Metro 2033 was free last I checked.
SempTy 30/dez/2012 às 11:18 
it isn't its 10 bucks, anyways if you zre add me
SFK 30/dez/2012 às 12:02 
I can give you one dolla for the holla.
SempTy 30/dez/2012 às 12:03 
Doctor Freeeeman 31/dez/2012 às 22:08 
Escrito originalmente por An Invisible Hand:
Metro 2033 was free last I checked.
Exactly, it was free from Facebook and other sites for a christmas event and the release of Metro Last Light :p
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