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TMAC Blade 2013年5月5日 12時15分
simple question
i have the console version, will the pc version look any different? also should i just buy this or just go and get BFG edition and start from there (when i say console version im talking about the original green and black xbox version way back from 2001 to 2005).
P.S. maybe i should say xbox generation one version not 360 version
最近の変更はTMAC Bladeが行いました; 2013年5月5日 12時16分
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Bonus Child 2013年5月7日 11時57分 
The PC version has better graphics and the levels are much larger. There are a few other little things that the PC version has that the Xbox version doesn't, so the PC version is different and better. I'd recommend getting just the regular Doom 3 instead of the BFG edition because you can download free mods for Doom 3 that enhance the gameplay, sounds, and graphics far better than the BFG edition. Also, the BFG edition is not compatible with most mods.
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