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Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年4月28日 17時23分
Resolution not changing?
I went to change the resolution to the highest one available. Then it says you need to restart Doom 3, so I do that, but when I start it up it goes back to 640x480. Any fix?
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Lord Knulby 2013年5月2日 1時29分 
same problem... i sent them a support ticket to let them know and tried this
without success.
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Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月2日 3時31分 
I guess I buy Doom 3 BFG Edition.
Lord Knulby 2013年5月2日 9時51分 
I found the solution ! Here it is:

"There are tons of threads on this but try this,

Launch game, open console (~ key) and type these commands one at at time:

r_mode -1

r_aspectRatio 2

Exit the game and open your DoomConfig.cfg file located in your Doom 3/base folder. Alt+F and type custom in the searchbox. You should see a couple commands that say customHeight and customWidth. Manually input your monitor's resolution where the xxxx's should be. So if you have a 1920x1200 monitor, customWidth should be 1920 and customHeight should be 1200. Double check and make sure r_mode is -1 and r_aspectRatio is 2 in your config file.

Launch your game and it should be the proper resolution. Your in-game menu will still say 640x480 but just ignore that because it's a display menu bug."

It's not from me, but it worked perfectly !! Now the game is awesome :D
Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月2日 11時42分 
Yeah I saw that. That's why I created this because that doesn't help I don't even have a customWidth or customHeight. I'm just going to buy the BFG Edition I heard it's better.
Lord Knulby 2013年5月2日 12時25分 
Trust me this is the solution of your problem. Be sure you entered your screen settings (1600*900 for me) correctly, it should work properly.
Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月2日 12時31分 
Did you not see what I typed? I said I don't have a customHeight and customWidth. Besides getting BFG Edition is beter since it contains every single Doom game in the world.
Lord Knulby 2013年5月4日 7時51分 
if you have steam's doom 3, you cannot not have this: "DoomConfig.cfg file located in your Doom 3/base " :P.
Anyway, BFG edition contains every single Doom, which is awesome :D.
Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月4日 8時20分 
I do have that, but when I open it there's no customHeight or customWidth.
Lord Knulby 2013年5月4日 8時43分 
seta r_customHeight "900"
seta r_customWidth "1600"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_mode "-1"

and farther

seta r_aspectRatio "2"

Trust me you DO have it ^^. It took me long to find them, too.
Jagdpanzer 2013年5月4日 9時10分 
You may also have a "autoexec.cfg" in your "doom3/base" directory; if you do, try looking in there for the custom width and height that Julius mentions.
Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月4日 11時59分 
Oh! I thought it started with customHeigh and cutomWidth.
Sonozaki 2013年5月30日 13時39分 
Julius の投稿を引用:
seta r_customHeight "900"
seta r_customWidth "1600"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_mode "-1"

and farther

seta r_aspectRatio "2"

Trust me you DO have it ^^. It took me long to find them, too.

create a autoexec.cfg which inclued this content and type in your resolution.
in "seta r_aspectRatio change the "2" into a 1 if you got a 16:9 screen
Lord Knulby 2013年5月31日 2時33分 
@Zun nonono !! you don't have to create this file (autoexec.cfg) ! It's already there: "DoomConfig.cfg file located in your Doom 3/base folder".
Equal Opportunity Lunatic 2013年5月31日 11時41分 
This discussion is dead I have Doom 3 uninstalled and plan on Getting the BFG edition instead.
Sigmund Faust 2013年6月1日 19時36分 
Thanks for the tips, I came across the same problem. A couple bits missing for me, like

-- Setting AA and AF which I won't link to because it reverted the resolution changes.

-- How to enable the console (ctrl alt ~ wasn't cutting it):
right click Doom 3 in steam, click set launch options, paste this in, without quotes: " +set com_allowConsole 1" .
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