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FrostWolf 2013년 4월 21일 오후 1시 58분
Problems with mouse cursor "sticking"? Help :(
So when move my mouse around in large swipes quickly everything is fine but when I move it very slowly as if to aim carefully it just doesn't respond. This is both in menus and in game.

I'm running Windows 7 x64. Quad core i7, plenty of RAM and gpu power, no overclocking or anything fancy though. I tried adjusting mouse smoothing, sensitivity, vsync and other things I thought my help but nothing works.

Any ideas?
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Wombat's Magical Covfefe House 2013년 4월 27일 오후 9시 42분 
I just tried playing it now, and I have the exact same problem. I haven't found a fix on google. Hopefully someone here knows.
sinister 2013년 10월 21일 오후 8시 32분 
just bought this game and RoE and i have this problem too. its so bad i don't even want to play it now :(
De Pleur 2013년 11월 27일 오후 2시 16분 
I encountered the very same issue today. The strange thing is it did work fine yesterday and every other day before.
sinister 2013년 12월 17일 오전 3시 29분 
contacted bethsoft customer support for this and they just keep giving me the same troubleshooting tips. "check your dx diag info, make sure your directx version is up to date, verify integrity of game cache" blah blah nothing that actually helped.. really wish i didnt pay $20 for this and RoE when they dont even work right... i really, really hate that steam doesnt do refunds whatsoever too >.>
Iron Man 2014년 4월 24일 오후 2시 57분 
Not sure if this is still an issue, but turning off mouse smoothening in windows configuration for the mouse helped solve that problem for me. I turn it back on after playing Doom 3.
dagr 2015년 7월 11일 오후 12시 45분 
im sure game works fine on windows xp
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