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megamanx700 15 gen 2014, ore 20:09
Doom 3 Absolute HD 1.5
I have recently installed this mod and it's definitely a really nice compilation of various mods to upgrade graphics, sound and Ai.

It works perfect so far but the only gripe I have about it is that the muzzle flash for the chain gun, sub machine gun and pistol is just too much. it was probably implemented for realism but godamn does it make the game almost unplayable, atleast with those paticular guns.

During heavy firefights I almost feel like I'm about to have a seizure due to all the flashing. Is there any way to take this out?
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Nuggets McNipples 25 gen 2014, ore 14:27 
Yeah that was bothering me too. Somebody has to know how to get rid of it.
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