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Res change not working in game.
I've gone through countless forums posts and websites trying to fix my resolution to get 1920x1080. While I've successfully managed to get my game window to run at 1080p, the game itself is extremely zoomed in and playing at a much lower resolution.

I downloaded Sikkmod hoping it would kinda overwrite all the default settings, but alas it did not.

I'm at quite a roadblock here, because no matter how many times I set my customHeight, Width, aspect ratio, and mode to the proper values, the actual game itself still runs at lower resolutions and looks super zoomed in, like someone was trying to record a clip off an SDTV with a phone camera at the wrong angle.

If it's pertinent, I'm just wanting to play Doom 3 with Trent's sound mod, a weapon mod, and a sikkmod package that has HD textures from Wulfen in it.

I look forward to any help.
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fenris 2015年12月10日 12時58分 
I'm in the exact same boat. I have done everything. The only answer is that we both wasted our money and cannot play this game. I'm sorry.
did you remember to copy your modified config file to the "\d3xp" folder??
Same problem here. Bought the game today, and the resolution does not change. What is this modified file of which you speak of?

Update: Ok, I got the resolution to work. As Peter said, you must get the DoomConfig file from "base" (after you change the settings in order for the resolution to work) and over overwrite the one which is on the "d3xp" folder.
最近の変更はStupidSexyCrocveが行いました; 2015年12月11日 14時12分
I finally seem to have gotten the right settings to work also..

edit base, set aspect ratio 1, mode -1, height and width, fullscreen. copy and paste to dx folder, overwriting. Set compatibility settings on doom3.exe for admin and windows xp sp2. Don't look at the options, don't look at the menu, don't look at the intro movie.. just skip to the actual game. Changing any setting will revert it. Don't worry what it says (640). Just play new game and notice the better res + aspect ratio :) haven't got to work with sikmod so will try some others
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