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Hicks 2013年12月18日下午2:00
Absolute HD and OpenCoop?
Is it possible to use these two mods at the same time? I tried to start them at once with the shortcut trick but its not working for these two it seems.

Btw I am talking about the retail non BFG editon of the game.
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Rage Killa 2014年1月10日下午5:46 
Curious about this too. Have you tried this yourself yet?
Hicks 2014年1月10日下午10:45 
I tried but it loads only one of the mods, depending which one is the first in the command line. I couldn't manage to load both at once.
Rage Killa 2014年10月27日上午2:34 
Have you tried moving files from the HD mod folder into the coop mod folder?
Selous Templar 2014年10月28日上午1:53 
Yeah, if I could get the 2 things working (If you could send me a link of the EXACT Co-Op mod you were talking about), I would do some Co-Op with you straight away
Hicks 2014年10月28日上午3:11 
There's no need for that anymore guys. The dev of Absolute HD said he's working with the guys behind LMS to make a new version of Absolute HD merged with LMS Coop ;) So, we just have to wait.
Rage Killa 2014年10月28日下午2:13 
Well what if you wanna play open co-op. ;)
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