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KillerKrieg May 14 @ 10:26am
What the hell happened to the servers?
So, a few days ago, there was a crap ton of servers available to join. The damned second I download the coop mod, not only is there no servers available in the mod's shortcut, but there are no regular doom3 servers available when I launch the game from Steam. Anyone know what's up?
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Matt May 14 @ 12:52pm 
The master server is down. I use this link to find doom 3 servers: - just click on a server, get it's ip address, and then type it into the ip address box and click ip connect. Hopefully they fix it eventually.
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KillerKrieg May 14 @ 1:22pm 
Thank you, you're the only one on this board so far who's answered any of my serious technical questions.
Matt May 15 @ 12:56pm 
No problem. If you have trouble downloading any maps or pk4 files from a server, you might have to open up the console (ctrl alt ~) and then manually download each of the files, and put them in the right locations. I had to do that to connect to the ".ninth gate" server which seems to be the most popular server (usually gets around 4-6 people during certain hours).
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