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R4IN May 13, 2014 @ 2:45pm
Strange problem with DOOM 3 Engine
Hey guys, I have really weird problem with DOOM 3 Engine, that means, it's not only in DOOM 3 but also in Quake 4 etc.
My textures and models look terrible. They look even worse than in Low quality, buy I'm playing on High quality and it still looks like sh*t. What to do now? I think I must edit something in DOOMConfig file, but what and how?
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Tryyton May 14, 2014 @ 11:05am 
a screenshot could help to check what you mean... without it it could anything.
R4IN May 14, 2014 @ 12:00pm 
Check my screenshots on profile, they're not pointed to that, but maybe you'll see. Just textures and models look like garbage, even on high. That's all.
Tryyton May 14, 2014 @ 12:05pm 
your resolution looks kind of low. check the ultrasettings too... or get the sikkmod.
what are your pc specs?
R4IN May 14, 2014 @ 1:21pm 
Yeah I'm playing on low res cuz I have some low Intel card. But I also tried to change that to bigger res. Like 1440x900 (My laptop res)
Tryyton May 14, 2014 @ 1:25pm 
your hd graphics sucks bad for any game out there... be happy that you can play at all. sorry to say this...but onboard-graphics are just getting good enough to play games on them. intel though will never be a gamers dream..

try higher details and lower resolution, better then the other way... you could try the wulfen-texture-pack though... but if you really want it to be a goodlooking game... wait for a better pc... seriously... check my screenshots to see how it can look with sikkmod+wulfen.
R4IN May 14, 2014 @ 1:39pm 
I know I know. But actually, it seems that it isn't that bad as everybody with nVidia graphics think. I can play Crysis 1, Deadpool, Outlast, Portal 2, CS:GO and many more. Not on best details and FPS, but it's playable. But that's not the problem. People with good graphics also have this problem, they all dunno why. So don't care about graphics. There's something bad in config.
Tryyton May 14, 2014 @ 2:14pm 
delete the doom3config.cfg and check again...if there are still problems, they don´t have to do with the config.

a console would bring so much more fun to most games you played... i couldn´t play any game on low... why play on a pc anyway then, when a aconsole or smartphone has better graphics.

i guess you have to live with the visuals in d3. they won´t get any better i guess. btw, be happy that it looks the way it looks and runs... ;)
R4IN May 14, 2014 @ 2:49pm 
Deleting won't do anything. Because problem is that the DEFAULT settings that Doom gives you is that bad settings. And it's pretty old game, and my Laptop isn't old, it's not weird that it's running in smooth FPS :d And year ago it was normal, I had normal texture and model quality, only now it's garbage, that why it is weird problem. Yeah, that was other laptop, but It had same grapchic card.
Tryyton May 14, 2014 @ 2:56pm 
so like you said yourself...a year ago it worked... so i guess it worked with the default back then. so it has to work. but really...i can´t see where the problem is... the textures sure look like ♥♥♥♥...but without dedicated video-ram it won´t get any better i guess.

if you are not planning on buying a new pc/laptop, then get a xbox1...they drop the price to $ 399,- without kinect soon. you will have much more fun with games, believe me...and i am not a console-fanboy (i have a xbox360 though, and many more ;)).
or you could just build a new desktop-pc that is capable of running actual games on medium-high settings for 400-600,- €

playing fps-games on a intel hd is like buying a ferrari (or else) with go-kart-wheels... ;)

edit: just checked your gamelist... you have some really good looking games. get yourself a nvidia-card and replay batman with physx... you will hit yourself for playing it on your intel, believe me!
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Guydodge May 14, 2014 @ 11:58pm 
in quake 4 forums theres fixes for your config files the fixes also work on doom 3.
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R4IN May 15, 2014 @ 7:18am 
Guydodge: Can you post here link?
R4IN May 15, 2014 @ 7:22am 
Neme5is: Yeah, I'll get new laptop soon, I hope with better graphics.
Tryyton May 15, 2014 @ 8:04am 
just be sure that you get one with dedicated graphics, no intel hd...
and then have fun revisiting older games. :)
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