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KillerKrieg 2014年5月12日下午6:50
Once I have dled the doom3coop mod where do I extract it to?
I am just wondering because I took a look in the Browse Local Game files option and it didn't have a traditional mods/addons folder like L4D2 did, so just wondering where I extract this bad boy to.
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mike cesara 2014年5月12日下午7:37 
\Steam\SteamApps\common\Doom 3
now you'll be able to start mod from Doom 3 menu 'mods'
KillerKrieg 2014年5月12日下午8:14 
Thank you so much! :D
mike cesara 2014年5月12日下午8:31 
You're welcome. Enjoy your game!
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