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Counter-Chicken May 11 @ 12:21pm
Can't play at widescreen resolutions, even after changing conifg file
My resolution is 1280x800, and I noticed that I couldn't change the resolution to widescreen aspect ratios (i.e. 16:9, 16:10) When I changed the resolution by way of the config file, My screen's resolution changes to ~800x600 and doom 3 plays in a borderless windows smaller than that.
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ClickinOrka May 11 @ 2:19pm 
A fix for this issue was submitted by a user named DARK LIGHT under
Counter-Chicken May 11 @ 2:29pm 
Originally posted by ClickinOrka:
A fix for this issue was submitted by a user named DARK LIGHT under
neuroboy May 11 @ 2:31pm 
Are you just changing the lines in the config for resolution? You have to change some others too.

Here are full instructions to set a custom widescreen resolution with correct ratio:

After setting all your options in-game, click 'Apply Changes' then shut the game down, then open up DoomConfig.cfg in the Doom 'base' folder.

Find these lines:

seta r_customHeight "xxxx"
seta r_customWidth "xxxx"

Change the x's to set your resolution. eg

seta r_customHeight "800"
seta r_customWidth "1280"

Now find this line:

seta r_mode "x"

Change the "x" to "-1".

Finally, find this line:

seta r_aspectRatio "x"

If your screen aspect ratio is 16:9, change the "x" to "1".
If your screen aspect ratio is 16:10 or 15:9, change the "x" to "2"

In your case (1280x800) set it to 2

Save the file then open up Doom3 again. It should run in your widescreen resoultion, and though the opening videos and menu looks stretched, actual gameplay graphics should look fine.

Remember, if you make any further changes to system settings in-game and click apply, it will overwrite your custom resolution with the one displayed in system settings (which is incorrect, but Doom 3 can't show the resolution you set externally)
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Smilodon May 12 @ 11:14am 
A final note. I was hitting the same problem where it wouldn't change the settings for me even after altering the config file, but it turns out that I was just derping. The opening menu resolution isn't changed, but once I got in-game everything was golden.
neuroboy May 12 @ 4:00pm 
I got so fired up with my recent Doom3 modding and configuration experiences that I've created a guide to help others with this, expanding on my post above... hope it's of use to you :)
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