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Bebop 10 mag 2014, ore 11:12
Who else thought...
After seeing the horrible movie DOOM with the Rock in it, that there would of been a sequel based on that movie? I was scared ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥...
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Bebop 11 mag 2014, ore 11:11 
Compared to "House of the Dead" yeah. But I was holding my breath wondering... were they going to make a DOOM game based on the movie? Ewww
KillerKrieg 12 mag 2014, ore 18:30 
I agree with Neuroboy. The movie actually did a good job of splicing the storyline of the original version of DOOM with Doom3(Which was somewhat favorable in my opinion, it would be rather hard to base a movie on the original Doom that would be even halfway good considering the storyline of Doom(aside from the prologue and a couple of examples of text at the end of each chapter) was pretty much just "BLAST DEM DEMON!S!!!!!!!!!!!"
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