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Nezumi Apr 30 @ 12:06pm
Game making video freak out
I'm running a dual ATI Radeon HD 7870 config with an AMD FX-8350 processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM, and either while the game is running or shortly thereafter, my video goes completely berserk with flickering corruption, rendering the computer unusable and necessitating a restart. Any idea what's wrong or what I can do?
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TheStealthGamer Apr 30 @ 12:36pm 
Ok, first of all, is this the only game it happens with? Second, when it does happen, do you hear the fans in your computer spinning up to an accelerated rate? If yes to second question, it sounds to me as if your videocard is overheating, if it's a dedicated card. If it isn't, I'd check for dust build up on the motherboard, reapply thermal paste, etc. If nothing else works, I'd take it in to have the computer looked at.
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Nezumi Apr 30 @ 3:29pm 
Only game it happens with. Haven't noticed the fans spinning up, but I could conceivably have missed it.
Boizaum Apr 30 @ 7:33pm 
well, yeah. This game does not support dual pci express graphics cards. Back when it came out we were still using AGP based graphics cards...
TheStealthGamer Apr 30 @ 8:07pm 
@Nezumi;I'd still be willing to bet your graphics card is overheating. Try these options also;Go into the settings options of the game, and turn everything down to the lowest point possible. If that doesn't help, and you've done the aforementioned suggestions in my first post, then it's time to take your pc into the shop.
Nezumi Apr 30 @ 8:48pm 
Originally posted by Boizaum:
well, yeah. This game does not support dual pci express graphics cards. Back when it came out we were still using AGP based graphics cards...

It came out in 2004, when AGP cards were still common, but clearly being obsoleted by PCI Express. Still, you have a point.
TheStealthGamer Apr 30 @ 11:26pm 
ignoreing me hey? lol, its ok
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Nezumi May 1 @ 3:16am 
Well, the problem does seem to have been running the game while my system was in CrossfireX mode. I don't know if it was overheating, or causing some other issue, such as messing with the processor timing or similar, but it didn't happen when I ran the game with that off.
Boizaum May 1 @ 8:52pm 
yep, crossfire was still nothing but a computer engineer's wet dream back then, even now it requires very accurate drivers to work at all. not surprising it was causing graphical glitches on Doom. Even for an old game though, doom is fairly well developed, i really enjoy playing it as much as many recent blockbusters, love the lighting effects.
BRT Cobra May 3 @ 12:09am 
hey are the servers back up for this game i played co-op for one day then the next all the servers were gone :(
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