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[NPRC] sOIL 2014年2月10日 2時01分
Multiplayer is dead?
Last time i played there was servers with 0 people.
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♫ Rainbow Dash ♫ 2014年2月10日 23時49分 
There are people playing this game, just at certain times the servers will be empty. There isn't a wholelot of people playing, but there's enough to get into some games and have fun so.
resdog 2014年2月14日 14時25分 
Also, don't forget to hit refresh on the server list.
| BlazedD00MER | 2014年2月22日 20時48分 
I find at least One or 2 servers with a few people. Its fun but nothing special online. Ive met a few fun people though.
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