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Meuh Feb 9, 2014 @ 3:50am
Just bought the classic version
For the sake of playing a better version with Wulfen mods (and also Sikkmod though the benefit was not very obvious to mee but we'll see).
I "sacrified" the 3D Aspect of the BFG version while I own 3D Vision solution just for the mods... hope that was the right choice.

Edit: wow this is awesome. Just downloaded the full silkkmod with Wulfen on moddb, edited config file (in the sikkmod subdirectory!) as:

Find the “DoomConfig.cfg” file found usually in: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Doom 3\sikkmod.

Open the file and edit the following entires:


And modify them as follows:

r_mode -1 – means putting into custom mode
r_customHeight 1080 – means custom resolution height
r_customWidth 1920 – means custom resolution width
r_aspectratio 1 – this changes the aspect ratio 0 is for a 4:3 display, 1 a 16:9 display (widescreen) and 2 a 16:10 display

Also don't forget to set the language back to what it was if not english.
seta sys_lang "french"

Now the game is really superior to the BFG version except for fonts on the main menu which still look low def.
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DOOM 3 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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