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Asking for Help.
I am banned from
because I wrote this

I asked 1 file not included in the steam version of "Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil" and without that file the game is unplayiable with Doom 3 european version.
All writes in the game are unreadable.
All dialogues, options and quests are replaced by #str_000...
As reported in this other post (I discovered it much later):

No clue to fix the problem, and I asked steam and the community.
I finally fixed that with the correct version of "zpak100.pk4" file.
With no help or assistance, I added a sarcastic 'thank warez :-)' meaning I solved that problem finding from myself that file diggin' out the whole internet.

And on Tue, 29th Oct 2013 (when I discovered it):

You have been banned for the following reason: piracy
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

In my post there was:

NO intention of illegal software discussions,
NO request of leacked contents,
NO request of illegal exploited file links,
NO questions about software piracy.

I reported similar help posts and no actions were made against any other users (ie. necrotikflesh, knymed).

Ban for piracy issue is nonsense and totally biased.

If I am a pirate you could ban my steam account instead.

I really don't know what to do.

Steam assistance is unable to anything.
They said:

You have been banned for having acquired too many infraction points. At 10 or more active infraction points, you are automatically banned by the system.

So I got 10+ infraction points for asking 1 file?

They said:

I have reviewed the infractions and confirmed that they were issued correctly.

After my insistence they added:

'thanks warez :-)' is a clear violation of our forum rules.

I am asking for your help, I hope you can say something.

Thank you for reading this,

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Call up the Steam people and say "WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥!?" That's all I got.
I pay for the game, the game is incompletly.
Steam it's stupid...
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