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TORRES 5150 2014年1月28日下午9:41
Opencoop not appearing on server list
Every time I try to create a server, it doesnt show up on the server list for other players to join. Is there anything else I have to do besides using the ingame Create Server menu for my game to show up?
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oedegaarden 2014年1月29日上午12:43 
LAN or Internet game?
TORRES 5150 2014年1月29日上午6:09 
oedegaarden 2014年1月30日上午3:25 
It´s probably a portforwarding issue. You need to log in to your router and open the port/ports and forward them to the pc running doom. Google portforward and doom 3
Lil Pants™ ! 2014年11月29日下午4:16 
Just host the server, make sure you're port forwarded to 27666(the port) and then give your IP to your friends so they can type "Connect"
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