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TRUMP 2016 2014年1月22日 19時02分
Is there any variety in the game's aesthetic?
I have been enjoying Doom 3 lately (at least, overall), but am a little dissapointed by the persistent presence grey metal corridors. The three or so levels I have trekked through all use the same color palette. I understand that the game is trying to create a brooding ambience, and all areas will be dimly lit and slightly washed out, but there has to be a locale that is not composed of iron-clad hallways, right?
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ThatPonyIsASpy 2014年1月23日 14時13分 
Most of the game is like that (except for the Hell levels).
Meep 2014年1月23日 16時13分 
I like the industrial aesthetic, but yes, cold steel corridors galore.
cRaZy EyEs ◐ ‿ ◔ 2014年1月30日 18時01分 
'In Hell' Is a good modwad for doom 3 with some superb atmospheres. Check it out.
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