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Kasrosh 2014年6月29日下午11:35
Where is demo?
Please explain if and where I can safely find the demo
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Kasrosh 2014年7月6日下午10:45 
ok smartass obviously I looked it up and could only find sites riddled with spyware and such.
Did I say smartass because I meant dumbass.
PCConsoleGamer 2014年7月18日上午5:11 
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Please explain if and where I can safely find the demo

As far as I know, the doom 3 demo does not work with windows 7;if that is what operating system you are running. Only the full game does.
Kasrosh 2014年7月18日上午7:04 
Thanks friend
PCConsoleGamer 2014年7月18日上午10:23 
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Thanks friend

PCConsoleGamer 2014年7月18日下午4:57 
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If he/she is using windows 7, the demo wont work. Trust me, I've tried it.
PCConsoleGamer 2014年7月19日上午9:43 
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Fixed DOOM 3 Demo For Windows 7
Yep, that's right folks. Many people have had issues with the DOOM 3 DEMO on Windows 7. The full version of DOOM 3 (steam) runs fine on Windows 7, but If you downloaded the DOOM 3 Demo, and won't run on Windows 7, then simply follow these steps (note also, if you have the full version of DOOM 3 but on a CD, then you might need the patch provided below if you are running Windows 7):

*I would have just uploaded the fixed demo in a zip archive, but I couldn't find a free uploading site that allows over 400MB*


1 - First download this[] patch.

2 - Next, install the patch where the demo is located.

3 - After the patch has been installed, look in the folder called "demo" and search for the file called
"demo00.pk4" and put that file in the folder called "base".

4 - Now, look in the same folder (demo), and put the default.cfg file in the "base" folder also.

5 - Put the default.cfg file in the folder called
"d3xp" too, just in case.

6 - Next, delete the file called "gamex86.dll".

7 - After that, go to the "base" folder, then right click, and select "New" - "Text Document", name the Document "autoexec" (without quotes).

8 - In the New Text Document, copy and paste this text:
set r_mode -1 //(enables custom resolutions)
set r_aspectRatio 1 //(0 = 4:3 1 = 16:9 2 = 16:10)
set r_customHeight 1680 //(Your screen height)
set r_customWidth 1050 //(Your screen width)
com_allowconsole 1 //(enable console)

After you're done, set this file to "Read Only".
This text will set your resolution to 1680x1050, and it will allow you to access the console by pressing the "~" key. You may set your custom resolution/Aspect-Ratio by using this text if you wish.

9 - Now, start the game, it will ask for a CD-Key.
To bypass this, pull down the console (press the ~ key), and type "map game/" (without quotes) at the end of the slash (/), type the name of the map you wish to spawn at. For example,
type - "map game/demo_mars_city1" (without quotes) to start the demo!
Here is the full list of maps featured in the demo:



10 - Enjoy!

Let me know if I've made any mistakes!

Last edited by zombieguy51: 02-17-2012 at 03:21 PM.

Cool. Thanks. :)
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