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Jolly Jew 2014年6月21日 11時39分
i have doom BFG edition, am i not entitled to play its "inferior" version?
bought the BFG edition but from some ungodly reason it doesn't work on XP, so shouldn't i be at least entitled to get the original doom 3? i practically own the game already and it won't run simply because it was programmed to crash at title screen if activated on XP.

hell, serious sam did that, so did stronghold, why not this as well?
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EvilTaffyapple 2014年6月29日 3時42分 
BFG is the inferior version my friend
Jolly Jew 2014年6月29日 7時20分 
well it's 'officially' superior...

guess i just earned a moral right to pirate a game...
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Naoisan 2014年6月29日 8時00分 
By all means you should be allowed to play the original Doom 3 imo, it really is exactly the same game except with mod support + superior lighting and sound support (supports EAX, BFG doesn't) and it doesn't have all the bugs BFG version introduces such as not even starting up in the first place! Laziest game "upgrade" I've ever seen, such a rip-off.

Only thing with vanila Doom 3 is you'll need to do a config file tweak for widescreen support but it's really simple just follow the instructions here:

You obviously don't get the included expansions although ROE is dirt cheap on Steam anyway and the lost levels aren't even worth playing, and you don't get doom1+2 but even those are watered down and censored versions of the originals anyway.
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Master Kidd 2014年7月3日 9時18分 
After owning both original Doom 3 and BFG, the only major difference is the flashlight mechanic and even that is better in the original
Nutlink 2014年7月5日 2時56分 
Microsoft officially retired XP back in April. You may want to consider upgrading to at least Windows 7 for security purposes at the very least, especially if you expect to be able to play games nowadays.
Jolly Jew 2014年7月5日 11時22分 
i would gladly upgrade to windows 7 if it didn't invlove deleting all of my friggin' files and reinstalling everything from scratch.

if there is a way to play this without doing so im all ears (and eyes)
Nutlink 2014年7月5日 13時18分 
Long term solution would be to get a NAS. Shorter term would be to get a USB drive. Use it as storage and you won't lose all your files. As for reinstalling, unfortunately there really isn't a way around that. Ninite can help with a lot of the basic stuff though, which can be real handy.

Otherwise, sorry, I think you're SOL trying to get this to run on XP.
Cole 2014年7月7日 6時43分 
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