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Akira49 2014年6月15日下午2:29
Doom 3 Absolute HD Mod 1.5
This thread is for all people interested in updating the game graphics to modern standards. One of best mods I've ever used for this purpose is one mentioned in thread title. Here is link for people looking for the mod.

It'd be great if you could post your perfromance rates(no benchmark, it's broken).
I can do the mod with all settings enabled except AA and SSAO and (which causes some weird straps that are visible on doomguy hands). Still, the game runs average @ 42fps on gtx880m.
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papalazarou 2014年6月18日下午7:45 
yep im playing with this mod and get nice fluid motion 60fps 60hz 1920x1200 (gdm fw900) with everything on and a few extras like the lens flare and more ssao. I have the aa at 2x. 4.6g 2600 wc titan oc 1150 wc
最后由 papalazarou 编辑于; 2014年6月18日下午7:46
HK 2014年6月23日上午6:38 
Will I need to restart the game once this mod is installed or, is it just for graphic upgrades?
Akira49 2014年6月23日上午8:59 
This is just for graphic updates. All you have to do is to install the mod in main installation folder, then launch the game by steam > click on mods > absolute mod hd 1.5. There you can configure all settings for the mod.
HK 2014年6月23日上午9:14 
OK, thanks.
Black 2014年6月27日上午7:25 
Is there a way to have a 1600*900 resolution?
HK 2014年6月27日上午8:11 
引用自 Black
Is there a way to have a 1600*900 resolution?
Akira49 2014年6月27日上午10:12 
yeah, load the mod, options and select desirable resolution
Black 2014年6月27日上午10:15 
Yeah I know how to change resolutions. But 1600*900 is just not there for me.
jmc1999 2014年7月9日上午1:22 
When I load the mod and start up the first level everything is white in the middle grey on the outside, I can't see.
Raging Dwarf 2014年7月9日上午10:42 
Same here. I turned the HDR off on SIKKMOD options, the white was gone, but the textures are all messed up.
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Raging Dwarf 2014年7月9日上午11:06 
It works ok with color grading off, bloom off, ssao off, though when the reticule focus people you see a strange zoom of them.
jmc1999 2014年7月9日下午2:18 
Fixed it with the help on moddb. But thanks for giving advice.
DiscoVegeta 2015年2月20日下午8:53 
i am having a warping of the screen problem where my fov is zoomed and warped dependent on where i look at
Akira49 2015年2月21日上午1:35 
hmm try resetting mod settings to default (if wont help, remove mod 100% and install it again)
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