Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny

They Bleed Pixels 2013年8月6日上午8:59
I would like to have this game.
This game is a game that was like when I was a kid.
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bladerunner 2013年8月7日上午7:22 
Very bad graphics. Don't buy it.
Chubzdoomer 2013年8月12日上午1:20 
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Very bad graphics. Don't buy it.

Shame on you!
Aartsbok 2013年8月12日下午2:00 
there are great source ports that improve the graphics... but still, it's a classic, you shouldn't pay attention to the datet graphics and enjoy the art it once has been. Just take the game for what it is, a game from a time long long ago when a game was all about gameplay and level design.
Alpha_Sprite 2014年5月3日下午12:47 
Was the first Wolfenstein game I ever played and this was back when you had to launch it in DOS lol.
Death Metal Koro 2014年9月19日下午3:36 
Doesn't run good on new pc...lots of stuttering of frames and sound...
Wolfy 2014年9月20日下午11:17 
This game JUST works on Windows 7, but there is a thing called EcWolf. Search that up. I love Spear Of destiny! It's harder that the last Wolfenstein. The graphics dosen't matter one bit. It's the gameplay, not the graphics. They could be a very, very, VERY good graphic game, but the gameplay might be so short. So i would hold you back, go ahead and play The Spear Of Destiny.
Wolfy 2014年9月26日下午8:56 
EcWolf runs the game on modem computers and includes mouselook

Outrageous Videos 2014年12月9日下午4:34 
This game works fine on Windows 8 just go into the spear of destiny config files and change the output to opengl and it'll work
Unt.Friedrich 3月1日上午2:30 
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Very bad graphics. Don't buy it.
That is old generation graphics, not bad graphics.
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