ϟ♥Party dog Shadows™♥ϟ 2013年1月10日 18時32分
Wolfenstein mods
Who plays wolf 3d or spear of destiny mods?
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Avida Dollars 2013年5月18日 15時49分 
Who needs mods for this game?:D it's awesome :D
ϟ♥Party dog Shadows™♥ϟ 2013年5月18日 17時43分 
That it is :D, but what I mean is like mod of the game like new nazis to fight.
That kind of stuff theirs a site called wolfenstein 3d dome it has over 100 wolf3d and spear of destiny mods.
RT.Firmar 2013年7月22日 1時34分 
I do, it's amazing what all you can do with this engine.
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