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VicePMAbbott Jan 23 @ 7:21pm
Remove SecuROM from DLC 1 and 2
The first two DLCs have been out for ages now and still there's this BS SecuROM 5 machine activation limit on them.

Is there a legitimate reason why this is still hanging around? Attempting to control piracy is not a legitimate reason because the pirates don't deal with this junk at all.

If anyone from 2K and/or Gearbox is reading these boards, remove the SecuROM from DLC 1 and 2. This is long overdue.
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RGB Nameless Jan 24 @ 5:11am 
Methyl Jan 30 @ 9:59pm 
It just means that you have to pay again if you have too many computers, easy way for these companies to make money.
Shocking practice of course, but hey, "it stops piracy so it must be alright" -.-
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