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Category: Gameplay Basics
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How to be Pro-Tier at PvP!
by x2Madda
Hey, do you wanna win at Civ5?! Try this guide! A FAQ for people who need to win! With all new #MLG tips like Disconnecting! Disconnection-domination, it’s like adding winning even when losing so you never lose! Sound the alarm, you’re gonna be uncomf...
How to be Hitler
by SNF.LeFantabulouso
This guide teaches you tha basic steps up in becomin a legendary pimp like Adolf Hitler...
by The Amazing Walrus Jesus
Kill them....
Как быть гитлером
by Длинноухая Падла
What Civ's to wipe out early in the Game
by Squizznar
The most annoying/over powered Civilizations in the game that you should wipe out immediatly and why you should wipe them out immediatly....
Basics - Zulu
by Ryan
This is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick the Zulus as your Civilization....
[Multiplayer]Основы боевых действий в FFA игре.
by killfuckdie
Многие игроки, особенно привыкшие к боям с ИИ-оппонентами, очень теряются при освоении сетевых баталий, воюют неправильно, нерешительно и б...
How to beat Gandhi
by AtomicHashtag
This guide shows you how to beat the overlord Gandhi....
Basics - Arabia
by Ryan
Hello, this is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick Arabia as your Civilization....
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