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How not to be COMPLETELY terminated as Godwinson in 1066 scenario
by Potato
I made this guide so people can have some enjoyment or, maybe even win as England like i once did in '1066: The Year of Viking Destiny' scenario. (this is pretty much the problem with hystorically accurate scenarios; if you are the nation meant to lose, y...
Ernst August Hannover Guide
by Brm
Don't you wish that there was a Civ out there that gives extra food from farms and fish sources? What about a Civ that gives Gardens a meaning in the game by giving extra happiness? Well then Hannover is the right Civ for you. Led by Ernst August, Hannove...
Friedrich August Saxony Guide
by Brm
Don't you wish that there was a Civ that gives mines a boost in production? What about a Civ that can field cheap Cavalry and Infantry Units? Then Saxony is the Civ for you! Led by Friedrich August, Saxony is read for conquest. Saxony's Unique Ability, Or...
by BalthasarN
Bin einen Aufruf des YT-Kanals ReviewGameX gefolgt. Er wollte wissen welche optimalen Einstellungen vorgenommen werden müssen um das Optimum an Bevölkerungswachstum zu erhalten. Die ausführliche Anleitung zu seinem Versuch findet ihr hier: https://w...
Цивилизация 5 в одном разговоре.
by Otto von Bismarck
Вся цивилизация.Может содержать изрядную долю бреда и личной информации....
Expansion - How should you act
by High Jarl Archaden
This guide is to cover if you should build cities fast, or can take it a bit slower and have happier and easy to manage empire....
Kucham Khan Siberian Khanate Guide
by Brm
Are you tired of useless snow and tundra tiles? How about land units that move after attacking? How about a building that provides food and extra from sources? Then the Siberian Khanate is the Civ for you! Led by Khucham Khan, the Siberian Khanate is read...
How to win the Korea Scenario as Korea on Deity in 16 turns
by Judicium
Using a few simple deity techniques, you can win this scenario as Korea in 16 turns (the quickest time to win). This is a great way of getting two of the scenario specific achievements, Honoring the Ancestors (Win on Deity) and Fear the Turtle (Win as Kor...
Have We Met? - How to see the future in Civ5
by scienceguy1992
Have you ever wanted to know from the start what you would be up against in a Civ 5 game? See how to tweak your early game or even victory condition from the start? Well, I'm here to help, with a little secret I discovered......
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